3 Reasons Successful Business Owners have a Coach

Reprinted from Focus Magazine.


You might expect that award-winning business owners have it all together. Surely they don’t need a business coach.

But the truth is that just like world-class athletes, the best business people don’t try to go it alone. They recognise that to achieve excellence they need support, guidance and maybe even someone to push them outside their comfort zone.

We talked to 3 local business owners who all did well in this year’s Sunnys Awards to find out the main reasons successful people have a business coach.

My coach holds me accountable

Kyla Holley from The Australian Centre for Eating Disorders, and her partner Allison Davidson, were this year’s winners of the Sunnys Excellence in Social Enterprise award.

In two short years the pair have built a world-class training program for health professionals in best practice treatment for obesity and eating disorders. They are aligned with world experts in the field, hold classes throughout Australia and New Zealand and have established a network of qualified professionals so sufferers can find help.

Allison and Kyla had 12 months coaching with Melanie Zander from MJA Business Solutions. Kyla says that being held accountable helped to grow the business quickly. “It was great having someone to push us on. We can procrastinate a bit if left to our own devices, but Mel gave us lists and then she’d check on us. We either had to do the job or confess we hadn’t done it – which meant we usually ended up getting the job done.”

My coach is a great sounding board

Craig Budden is franchisee of Aussie Home Loans in Coffs Harbour. He has been running a mortgage brokerage business for 12 years, so he knows his stuff.

In 2015 Craig made the decision to move the Aussie premises to the premier location at the corner of Gordon Street and Harbour Drive. It was clear that the new location was going to increase foot traffic to the business. Craig needed to ensure the business was ready for an upswing in clients, without overinvesting. There was a lot of money at stake and it all felt a bit risky.

Although very business savvy, Craig decided to work with a business coach during this period of change. He met with Steve Oakley from MJA Business Solutions every month and says that the real benefit was in having someone to listen.

“If you haven’t got someone to talk to, you tend to put decisions on the back burner, and then it never happens,” he explains. “Sitting there with Steve and thrashing out, “what if we do”, “what if we don’t”, “what’s the worst that can happen”…that definitely helped.”

This year Craig was a finalist in the Sunnys Excellence in Small Business Award and has won the Best Emerging Store NSW at the Aussie Gala night.

My coach gives me business confidence

Mindy Bell from AT MINDYS SALON 44 is an award winning stylist and a very confident and comfortable hairdresser. But when it came to running a business she felt out of her comfort zone.

“I was really lost. I didn’t know what I was really doing behind the scenes and that was holding me back in the growth of my business.” Mindy wanted to expand the business but knew she needed help. Enter Steve Oakley as her business coach.

Working with Steve she was able to take charge of her business. “Now I actually have a system for things,” she said. “I know exactly what I’m doing and where I’m up to, which is great because it allows me more time on the floor with my clients.”

In 2016 Mindy felt confident enough in her business skills to expand her salon into the shop next door. In 2017 she was a finalist in the Sunnys Retail Award.


If you are thinking that a business coach could help you to achieve excellence, contact us and ask about a free preliminary session.

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