General FAQs

What services do MJA Business Solutions offer?
Why should I choose MJA Business Solutions?
What are MJA Business Solutions office hours?
What type of clients does MJA Business Solutions mostly deal with?
What are the benefits of using a Registered Tax Agent?
Will it be difficult to change accountants?
Do I need to meet with you face-to-face or can I just send in my paperwork?
What is the difference between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant?
How much will it cost to prepare my tax return?
Should I get private health insurance?

Taxation Matters

What are deductions?
What is negative gearing and will it work for me?
Payment Arrangements and ATO debt – requirements and obligations.
When I purchase an asset can I claim a deduction of 100% of the cost?
When can I expect my tax return to be ready to lodge after I drop it in?
Who will be preparing my Income Tax Return?
Notice of Assessment (NOA) - What are they?
Do I receive my Family Tax Benefit with my tax refund?
Should I have audit insurance?
What tax offsets can I claim?
How long once lodged does it take for the ATO to process my tax return? When can I expect my refund?
Can my accounting fees be taken out of my refund?
What documents do I need to bring in for you to do my tax return?
How much does it cost to get my tax return lodged?
What is the turnover time for works completed?
What are the due dates for ITRs
What is the document that needs signing before we can lodge ITRs (Declaration)
How long does it take the ATO to process ABN & TFN applications?
How much are the ASIC late fees if the Annual review fee is not paid by the due date?
Can you help if I have multiple tax returns outstanding?
How do I keep a cashbook – what information do I need to record?
Do I need an ABN?
Why should I get tax planning done?
What are PAYG Instalments and why do I have to pay them?
What is a BAS / IAS / PAYG instalment?
When do I have to lodge my BAS / IAS / PAYG instalment?
Why does it cost so much to have my tax returns prepared?
I’m thinking of buying a car for my business. What do I need to know?
What kind of deductions can I claim for my rental property?
I’m thinking of selling my property, can you tell me how much capital gains tax I’ll have to pay?
When does super have to be paid?

Business Development

I am buying/operating a business. What business structure should I choose?
Can you help me set up a company or trust?


What is Superannuation Guarantee Charge (SGC)?
What are Reportable Super Contributions?
What are my Superannuation Obligations as an Employer?


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