Do You Need a Business Coach?

The day you become a small business owner you are suddenly expected to be all things to all people.

Perhaps you are the world’s best electrician.   You start running your own show and suddenly you’re expected to build a brand name, manage your cash flow and hire and fire staff. Where’s the manual?

Or maybe you’ve developed a new product or service to capitalise on a need in the market. Your idea is taking off and now you’re faced with the nuts and bolts of day-to-day business management. This doesn’t feel like the entrepreneurial dream you signed up for.

And the worst part….you’re on your own.

But maybe you’re not.  This is where a good business coach, like Steve Oakley and Jennifer Holman from MJ Accountants, comes in. Steve and Jen help small business owners face their demons, overcome their weaknesses and build their skills to achieve business success without personal burn out.

If you are serious about growing your business and any one of the following statements strikes a nerve, it’s probably time for you to think about finding a coach.


I’m too busy working “in” the business to see the big picture

Especially when you are talented in a particular skill or trade, it can be easy to focus your energies on what you know, avoiding the work required to grow your business. A good business coach will lift your head from your inbox or your trade, and force you to really think about your business.

Steve has helped me to realise I need to ‘get off the mop’. I’m a business owner and I need to start acting like one.’ Krystie Boyes Champ Cleaning


No one holds me accountable

Most small businesses don’t have boards, so there’s no one to challenge owners when they fall short on their goals. It’s simply too easy to let deadlines and targets slip past. A good coach will ask you to make commitments and then work with you to ensure they stick.

Jen has forced me to put everything in writing, instead of having my ideas floating around in my head. Writing it down makes me more committed to getting it done.” Aidan Jarvis GeraGera Mobile Cafe


Sometimes it all seems too hard

Running any business can be overwhelming. There are a million things coming at you and somehow you’re also supposed to find time to get new initiatives off the ground. A good coach will help you to prioritise, delegate and stay on track so you can keep your business growing, while still juggling the day-to-day.

With Steve we look at what we want to achieve and then break the job down into tiny little steps that seem manageable.” Lea Allen Butcher’s Bullevard


I need a good sounding board

It’s hard to find someone to thrash out your ideas or express your worries when you run a small business. Talking to employees could cause disquiet. Friends and family often just don’t understand. A good coach provides a sounding board and an experienced outside perspective.

Ben and I often have chats about the business and we’ll say, ‘Let’s email Jen.’ She’s so easy to talk to and she simplifies things into language we can understand.’ Jasmin Adams fromZion


If you would like to speak to Jen or Steve about business coaching, please give us a call. All our coaching programs are tailored to meet your needs.

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