Eight requirements for sales success!

Do the Managing Directors of successful organisations typically have a business plan? Do they know where they want their company to be three, five, 10 years down the track? Of course they do! In the same way, to optimise your earning potential as a professional salesperson, you must have a plan and be very clear about what you need to do to achieve your goals and vision.

Here are eight requirements necessary for the creation of a legendary sales career. Rate yourself 0-10 against each requirement to assess where you are right now.


People and organisations that are consistently successful typically have a burning desire for a successful outcome. Whether we’re talking about the number one Girl Guide raffle ticket seller, the Special Olympics athlete or the CEO of a successful corporation, they all have in common a passion to achieve their goal. How would you rate your level of passion for your sales career?


How willing are you to do whatever it takes to achieve your professional and personal goals? Will you go the little extra that most others are not prepared to? This doesn’t necessarily mean that you give up your personal life so that you can be a success. Maybe it just means getting into the habit of making two more cold calls when you have achieved your targeted behaviour. What is your current level of commitment?


Lofty goals are not easily achieved alone. Successful people often have mentor relationships with others who have already ‘climbed the mountain’. It’s okay to ask for help. What kind of help do you need? Who can give it to you? 0-10, how do you currently take advantage of this principle?
INVESTMENT. Do you have an abundance mentality or a scarcity mentality? Investing in resources to help you to achieve your vision will be a struggle if your attitude is one of scarcity, and this doesn’t only refer to money. We also need to invest in time, learning, and anything that will solve the issues holding us back. Take a moment to rate your attitude in terms of an abundance mentality.


You are the engine that pulls the train. Failure to take care of yourself can be a major factor in the success equation. The overall maintenance of a healthy mind, body and spirit are critical for success. You can’t have a successful career if the rest of your life is falling apart. Rate yourself 0-10 on this important aspect.


Should be a major priority as they are your support mechanism and your necessary diversion from the daily grind of work. In good friends and nurtured relationships with family you will find an oasis where you find rest, relaxation and good fun. How do you currently rate in this vital area?


There is nothing more certain than change. It is therefore important to value the journey as much as arriving at the destination. Learning keeps us sharp and ahead of those who simply put in a ‘9-5’ effort for the same pay cheque each week. Personal growth is what facilitates you to go to the next level. 0-10, how much value do you place on learning and growing?


People are attracted to people who are confident and comfortable with themselves. They feel a kinship that allows them to feel comfortable with you and helps lower communication barriers. On the 0-10 scale where would you place yourself right now in this area?

OK. Now that you have a score for each requirement add them up and divide by 8 to determine your average score. If you average a seven or above, chances are you are in pretty good shape. Even if you’re not in that category, the good news is that all of these requirements can be developed and improved upon.

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