Fine Tuning Your Number One Asset

A small business owner is the company’s most valuable asset.  Yet too often that asset gets run into the ground.  I spoke to Renee Atkins from Beach Bodies about how to fine tune your number one asset:  yourself.

Mel:  As a business owner yourself, have you ever found your own performance suffering?

Renee:  When I first started Beach Bodies I was a single mother and working 80 hours a week.  I didn’t do any exercise for about 18 months.  I stopped eating balanced meals and I lost personal focus on living healthy as I was so busy encouraging everybody else.

Mel:  How did you manage to get back into exercise when you were working such long hours?

Renee:  It was very hard.  I focused on getting some good staff around me.  And then I just set aside time. I would actually book an appointment for exercise.  I started with two hours a week and built on that.

Mel:  You are lucky because you work in a gym.  What if I don’t have time to get to the gym?

Renee:  There are always things you can do.  Try standing calf raises at the water cooler – just rise up and down on your toes.  Build core strength while you’re driving –  pull your belly button into your spine at every red light and hold until it turns green.  Park an extra block away from the office, use the stairs, put the coffee machine out of reach – set things up to force yourself to move.

If you start with these small steps, you can work up from there.

Mel:  What about food?

Renee: Preparation is what’s important here.  Being down at the Jetty it’s too easy to order  food.  So I plan ahead.  Leftovers are a lifesaver.  But I also do cook ups on Sundays so I have healthy food ready for the week.

Another great idea is to enroll your staff.  Get one person to bring in healthy lunch for the whole team one day a week.  That way the whole team are eating healthy and you only have to prepare one meal each week.  It’s great for team spirit and it also makes sure your team is operating at their best.

Mel:  How do you know what’s a healthy meal?

Renee: My rule of thumb is if my grandmother can’t recognise it, I don’t eat it.  Stick with the basics – veggies, fruit, meat or tofu.  If you stick to the outside aisles of the supermarket when you do your shopping you will be on the right track.

Thriving and surviving is a complex business these days.  That’s why MJ Accountants offers so much more than tax and compliance advice.  We work with our clients to sharpen business strategy and we share ideas and learning to keep you up on the latest business thinking.

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