How to be a great marketer.

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How to be a great marketer:

  • Understand who your customer is: Defining your target customer reduces the risk of wasting money on poorly targeted marketing campaigns, and ensures that your business provides a system that serves the customer according to his or her needs.
  • Set a sales target: A trained marksman plans the shot, takes all factors into consideration, and then aims at the target. A smart business owner sets a sales target, and takes all factors into consideration such as past history,  adjustments for seasonality and trends and major external events e.g. is the World Cup coming into town, and will it have an impact on business.
  • Set a marketing budget: Marketing your business takes time, patience and discipline, and the best way to ensure that you follow this mantra is to set a marketing budget for your business. This budget will ensure that you set aside money for marketing activity, so that you can continually work on growing the business, as well as ensuring that you do not send yourself broke.
  • The Principle of Multiple Touches: How many ways can you engage an individual to enquire about your goods or services? The principle states that not every way will work on each individual, but one particular form of communication will eventually engage them to action.

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