MJA Business Keys is a new service from MJA Business Solutions. There are five different group coaching programs based on what stage you are up to in your  business and where you want to go next. This is a fully interactive, personalised coaching experience where you can explore your full business potential and unlock the power of your business.

You will meet once a month with your group and coach, each month will have a topic and expected outcomes tailored to whereabouts in the business cycle you are.

We are now accepting expressions of interest for our first cycle of all 5 programs.

The different programs

KICK START – 3 month program

The perfect place to start if you are new to business or have a new business idea. We will walk you through the basics and be there to support you in the first vital stages of beginning a business. Get the foundations right is imperative to be able to get the best start possible.
Topics include; Business structure and registrations, record keeping and requirements, your vision, mission, goals and values, banking structures, tax obligations and account keeping software, business planning, available funding and grants and much more.

ACCELERATE – 12 month program

This is for those who have been in business for a little while and are ready to take the next step. We will ensure you have the core basics right, before stepping into goal setting, what you want to set out to achieve and the ‘how’ of getting it done. We will set you up for success with weekly homework, tasks and accountability. Teaching you how to work smarter, not harder, so can achieve your goals sooner.
Topics include; your vision, mission, goals and values, assessing business structure and suitability, goal setting, business planning, sales, marketing and social media planning, bench-marking, budgeting and cashflow, key performance indicators, risk review and so much more.

PERFORM – 12 month program

When you are know where you are headed and what you want to achieve, this program is designed to help you. This program is based around how you can boost your performance, achieving optimal results by driving efficiencies and effectiveness. We will keep you accountable as you move through this next stage in your business – exploring your growth opportunities while maintaining a healthy work / life balance.
Topics include; assessment of current business position, bench-marking, business and personal goal setting, time analysis, staffing review, sales, marketing and social media planning, business value, systems and processes review and much more.

PROSPER – 12 month program

The Prosper package is perfect for those of you who already have a well-established business, things run smoothly and you are moving steadily towards your vision, or perhaps you have hit a plateau in your business and are just scraping by and coming out ‘even’. We will help you move into the next phase, continue your success, check your business basics and help you move onwards and upwards with your BIG PICTURE plans.
Topics include; the importance of work / life balance and how to achieve it, bench-marking, business and personal goal setting,  staffing review, sales, marketing and social media planning, business value, investments and savings strategies, debtor control, cashflow, expansion, risk mitigation and debt reduction, systems and processes review and much more.

EXCEED – 12 month program

It can take up to 3-5 years to properly prepare a business for sale. If you are starting to think of your exit strategy, this is a great place to start. You will gain valuable insight into the hows and whys of retiring from, or selling your business. The key to a smooth transition is planning and preparation.
Topics include; risk review, compliance and record keeping, retirement planning, goal setting, savings plans, staff review, succession planning, business value, business structure review and more.

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