New Name: Same Dedication to Local Businesses

Reprinted from FOCUS Magazine

Starting this month, well know local firm MJ Accountants is rebadging to MJA Business Solutions.

“We’re so much more than just accountants,” said founder Mel Zander when asked about the name change. “The old name just didn’t communicate the breadth of our offering to small business owners.”

The company Mel started a decade ago in her living room has expanded to offer accounting, tax consulting, business coaching and wealth advice. It’s a local success story, but Mel says her focus is more on ensuring all her clients are local success stories.

“As well as providing all the traditional services you can get from any accountant, we decided we would offer whatever solutions our clients’ needed to achieve success,” she explained. Hence the name MJA Business Solutions.

Business coaching, a service MJA launched 18 months ago, is central to helping clients achieve success. A team of trained business coaches works one-on-one with small business owners to provide strategic guidance, increase business confidence and teach practical skills.

“We’ve seen some incredible personal and financial growth with our coaching clients, and it’s just so rewarding,” said Mel. “Two of our coaching clients were winners in last year’s Sunnys, so the community is recognising their hard work.”

At the end of the day most people own businesses to provide lifestyle and security for their families. So accumulating and managing personal wealth is critical to small business owners.

Recognising this, MJA established the Financial Services division last year. With a trained team of wealth advisers and a partnership with AMP’s SMSF Advice, MJA is now helping clients to grow their own wealth, while they grow their businesses.

“We are so excited to be working with clients in such a holistic way,” said Mel. “The new name just puts a label on what we’ve been trying to do all along: help local businesses to grow and thrive.”


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