Remind Your Customers And Prospects Who You Are

Our competitors are growing more sophisticated and aggressive by the minute, not only competing for new customers but also attempting to take away your present customers.

What are you doing to stop this business erosion from taking place?

One way to stop it is to use strategies that help you stay on the top of your customers’ and prospects’ consciousness.

Let’s do a quick a word association game. Suppose, I say the word “hamburger”. What is the first word that comes into your mind? Is it meat or bread roll or sauce or is it a company name? If it was a company name, I am prepared to bet that you thought of McDonald’s. It is unlikely you would have thought of one of its competitors – be that your local hamburger store or another large franchise.

Why does this happen?

It is because McDonald’s totally dominates the consciousness of the fast food customer.  It’s for that reason more than any other that they continue to prosper while other companies are constantly trying to keep up.

McDonald’s has sustained this top of the consciousness position with a sophisticated multi-media approach. They use television, radio and magazines as well as characters like Ronald McDonald. They also have visible distinctive locations and different campaigns aimed at different age groups.

What does this have to do with you?

You have to find ways to command the same type of position in the minds of your customers and prospects in your marketplace.  You can do so by imitating companies like McDonald’s. However, you can do effective marketing to stay on top of your or your customers’ and prospects’ minds on a limited budget.

The best way to start is to do the opposite of everyone else in your industry is doing. Here are ten simple ways to help you stay on the top of your customers and prospects’ minds.

  1. Send a monthly printed newsletter.
  2. Do a weekly email or a blog.
  3. Mail more than once to attract new clients.
  4. Use multiple methods to attract new customers. E.g. fax broadcasts, telephone broadcasts.
  5. Ring your customers or visit them in person.
  6. Write a press release. Think of ways to get free publicity.
  7. Build a website that can be seen by clients and prospects.
  8. Make a special offer that is so compelling that your customers are sure to remember it.
  9. Thank your customers after ordering.
  10. Do something unexpected for your customers. Send a gift or a birthday card or something else.

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