Top Five New Year’s Resolutions for Business Success in 2018

Now is the time to decide to make 2018 your best business year yet. If you are ready to make some powerful changes to your business then check out our top 5 New Year’s resolutions. Even if you only commit to one or two, these are bound to make the New Year one of your best years yet.

I will charge what I am worth

If you are feeling underpaid and undervalued, then make 2018 the year all that changes. Resolve to raise your prices, change your product mix and/or go after a new (higher value) target audience.

Raising your rates can be daunting. Our article How to Change Your Prices without Losing Your Customers has some ideas that may help you get what you’re worth with confidence.

I will outsource and delegate more

If you have spent most of 2017 working in the business, never finding the time to work on the business then things need to change in 2018. Take some time over the holidays or when you first get back to figure out what tasks you could delegate to someone else – either an in-house employee or outsourced to a virtual assistant or other supplier.

The more time you free up to invest in planning and management of your business, the more your business will thrive.

Our article Outsourcing for Growth provides a good overview of some of the tasks and responsibilities that can be easily outsourced.

If you have people on staff that are underutilized then these 7 Tips for Effective Delegation from The Balance could help.

I will make cash flow management a weekly routine

If you have ebbs and flows in your business cash flow, then this should be your #1 resolution. To manage your cash flow effectively you need to have your eye on the ball at all times. Once a week sit down and take a look at your cash position and estimate cash flows for the weeks and months ahead. This enables you to respond quickly when you see cash problems coming.

Check out MJ’s Top Cash Flow Management Tips for ideas on how to keep the cash coming in. You might want to add some of these ideas to your weekly routine.

If you are finding it hard to forecast your future cash flows, then have a listen to Mel’s podcast Making Cash Flow Forecasting Easier for Business.

I will drop what’s not working and move on

Every business worth its salt will have ideas, products, partnerships or even customers that wind up being more trouble than they are worth. When you have invested heavily in creating a new product or bringing on a new customer it can be difficult to know when to let go.

Make a promise to yourself that when something really isn’t working you will find a way to let go. It may feel like failure for a few fleeting moments….but once the relief sets in you will find it hard to believe you ever considered pushing on.

If it’s difficult clients that are weighing you down, have a read of our article Is It Time to Fire Your Client? for some inspiration.

I will take steps to improve my online presence

If it’s been a couple of years since you updated your website, you haven’t yet started a database of customer email addresses, your website is not mobile friendly or you haven’t claimed your business at Google My Business then resolve now to invest your time and/or money to improving your online presence.

These days you can absolutely count on being judged by the quality of your online presentation. Will your business pass the test?

Have a read of our 7 Online Mistakes We Hope You Aren’t Making? If you are guilty of any of these mistakes then you should definitely resolve to do better!

If you want help in turning resolutions into reality, then consider investing in a business coach in 2018. To find out more about how a business coach could help, contact us for a free initial information session.

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