Which type of adviser do you need?

Good advice:

  1. Saves time and should save money.
  2. Takes the stress out of life and business.
  3. Gives a great feeling of certainty/security.
  4. Takes the loneliness out of being the leader.

The following definitions of different types of advisers may assist you in determining who/what you might need right now.


Guides the thinking – a good example of using a facilitator could be when preparing a strategic plan with your team. The facilitator will pull together the ideas of the team and direct these ideas towards a required outcome. A facilitator drives the process but does not become involved in the process.


Inspires and focuses to essentially help you improve your performance, but lets you do it. The coach will also hold you accountable. The coach should determine your deepest motivations and work with those. Think of the sports team where a coach is always required and may work on both a team basis or individual basis.


Is a resource who will either guide you or actually do the job for you. You may be thinking for example of a new IT system for your business but need some advice or assistance with the application from an independent resource.


Is the listener – sometimes you may simply need someone to listen to your issues and help you sort through your thoughts.


The mentor is the voice of experience and should always be someone who has the runs of success on the board and whose experience remains relevant. A mentor will be more forthcoming with ideas than for example a coach who will encourage you to come up with the solutions!

For any of the above to benefit you/your business, there needs to be deep level of trust and respect for each other. Choose carefully!

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