Business Coaching Can Help an Old Hand

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Craig Budden from Aussie Home Loans spoke recently about how having a business coach is helpful even for a small business owner who’s been in the game a long time.

How long have you been in your own business?

Well I’ve been running my own show for 10 years now. After 12 years at Westpac, I took on a milk run in Forster for 3 or 4 years, and then opened a Fastway Couriers franchise.

I looked at mortgage broking because I wanted a business that didn’t rely so heavily on my personal health. In 2005 I moved up to Coffs Harbour and opened Wizard Home Loans. In 2009 Aussie Home Loans bought Wizard and here I am the primary Aussie franchisor.

With all those years running your own business, why would you need a business coach?

I needed someone to hold me accountable and keep me focused. It’s so easy to think, “This is my business and I can do what I want.” But the reality is the opposite. I was all “head down, bum up” and wasn’t focusing on where I wanted the business to go.

I’ve been working with Steve from MJA Business Solutions for a few months now. I talk to Steve about staffing decisions, succession planning….and low and behold I’m starting to think ahead.

So just talking about your business helps?

If you haven’t got somebody to talk to about things they tend to go on the back burner and never happen. Then you’re left thinking about those things while you’re trying to do a thousand other things.

We are a very “happening now” sort of business. There’s always some fire to fight. You can’t plan out your day or take time out to think.

To have Steve to bounce things off gives me space to focus on what it is I’m really trying to do. Just the fact that he’s there listening makes me think things through.

Does working with a coach help you to make decisions?

Absolutely. When we first moved to our new location (corner of Harbour Drive and Gordon Street) I knew that the business was probably going to grow. I thought about putting on an office manager and maybe another broker. But I couldn’t make up my mind. I’d never had to deal with a PAYG employee before.

Steve helped me to assess the alternatives, and I ended up bringing in another broker and hiring Jade to manage the administration processes for all the brokers. Now we’re looking at another broker in Grafton.

I might have made the same decision without Steve, but it certainly would have taken longer. It was like having a security blanket.


MJA Business Solutions has been helping Coffs Coast businesses to grow and thrive since 2007.

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