Business Owner’s Holiday Relaxation Guide

We strongly encourage business owners to take time over the summer holidays to focus on their family and recharge their batteries.  But it’s hard to relax if you are constantly fielding calls from staff or worrying about how things are going back at the office.  So we’ve prepared a holiday checklist to optimise your relaxation time.


  1. CHASE DEBTORS:  For many businesses revenues plummet over the holiday season. Invest some time chasing debtors before Christmas to protect your cash flows.
  2. MAINTENANCE UP TO DATE:  You don’t want to be running around looking for a tradie over the summer holidays, so make sure all equipment maintenance is up to date.
  3. CHECK YOUR STOCK:  It’s likely that many of your suppliers will be closed over the holidays, so make sure you have enough stock to last the season.
  4. WEBSITE MONITORING:  If your website is business critical then it’s wise to invest in a website monitoring system that will alert you immediately if something goes wrong.
  5. EMERGENCY SYSTEMS IN PLACE:  Make sure you have systems in place in case there’s a power blackout or your IT systems go down. It’s a good idea to have an IT guru on call through the holidays just in case.
  6. STAFF KNOW WHO TO CALL:  Make sure your staff have an up to date list of contact details for all your suppliers and service people. You really don’t want to have to step away from your Pina Colada every time something needs fixing.
  7. SECURITY SYSTEM SET:  Christmas is a peak period for break-ins and arson, so make sure you have a security system and smoke alarms. Ideally your system should be remotely monitored so that someone will respond while you’re camping out of telephone range.
  8. CHECK YOUR INSURANCE:  Just in case something does go wrong, it’s wise to make sure your insurance is up to date. Take photos of your equipment and insurance documents and put them on Dropbox or another cloud storage service.
  9. FOSTER THE ROSTER:  It’s always difficult to manage the roster over the Christmas period. We recommend that you take the time to talk to each of your staff and work out a compromise that keeps your business staffed but allows staff to spend time with family.  It pays to have your staff happy while you are away.
  10. WATCH FOR POST HOLIDAY FRAUD:  The holidays can create enormous financial stress. Even the most loyal staff member can be tempted to borrow if the pressure gets big enough. Make sure the cash management systems are tight.

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