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The inaugural MJ Accountants Business Excellence Sponsorship program will provide participants with business coaching, quarterly financial reviews, a feature in this magazine and assistance in entering the Sunnys Business Awards.

Let’s meet the four lucky companies who will be participating in the first sponsorship program.

Jasmin Adams – fromZION

When Jasmin Adams posted an image of the moccasins she had made for her son on Instagram and asked if anyone else would like a pair, she had no idea that she was kicking off a global business.

Twelve months later she has established online business fromZion, which sells a range of moccasins and apparel for children and adults. With over 26,500 Instagram followers, the business also has a professional ecommerce website and is establishing distribution with online and bricks and mortar retailers around the world.

Manufacturing has been outsourced to two offshore subcontractors. Husband Ben, who is a graphic designer, helps with design. Five casual staff assist with pack and send. Otherwise, Jasmin wears every hat in this rapidly growing business.

“I’ve never run a business before,” admits 26-year-old Jasmin. “I’m feeling my way through on my own right now and it can be so confusing.” She hopes that working closely with the team at MJ Accountants will help her to develop strategies that will allow her to keep growing without overextending herself.

Krystie Boyes and Justin Male – Champ Cleaning

Krystie Boyes started her commercial cleaning business in December 2011 with one customer and one other person working with her. A year later she had moved to a proprietary company structure and the next year the business was growing so quickly she brought in partner Justin Male.

Champ Cleaning now employs 20 people and manages ten corporate sites including the CEx group, Nambucca RSL and the Deep Sea Fishing Club.

In 2015 Krystie hopes to continue to grow, but she knows that she needs to improve her financial understanding if she is to manage that growth effectively. “I’ve done extensive training with ETC and TAFE but I still struggle with the numbers,” says Krystie.

She is confident that working closely with the MJ Accountants team will enable her to better understand financial statements and make better decisions as Champ Cleaning continues to grow.

Lea & Tim Allen – Butcher’s Bullevard & Butcher’s Boutique

When Lea and Tim Allen saw the Palm Butcheries on the market in 2011, they jumped at the chance to buy it and made the move from Dubbo to Coffs Harbour. Since then they have transformed the business into The Butchers Bullevard, which sells quality meats with no added hormones, sourced from local farmers. Last year they expanded their business, opening the Butcher’s Boutique on First Avenue in Sawtell.

Running a superior-quality butchery, Lea and Tim want to avoid having their marketing revolve around offering the cheapest price. “We are looking for ways to boost sales without discounting or raising prices,” says Lea. “What we need is more effective marketing.”

The idea that an accountant could help with marketing might seem strange but Lea is confident that MJ Accountants can help her to establish a realistic marketing budget and develop ways to measure the cost effectiveness of marketing activity.

Aidan & Keiko Jarvis – GeraGera Mobile Café

If you’ve been to the Harbourside Markets this year, then there’s a good chance you’ve had a GeraGera coffee. Aidan and Keiko started the mobile café four years ago. A chef by trade, Aidan had taken note of the food truck trend that was taking off in the United States, and decided to start with coffee, with Keiko adding some unique Japanese touches to the menu.

This year Aidan and Keiko are considering expansion. “I have an idea for another mobile café, something a little bit different,” says Aidan.

Understanding the numbers is critical to successful business growth and Aidan is looking forward to working with MJ Accountants to develop sound budgets and forecasts. “We are probably going to need help from the bank,” says Aidan. “It’s going to be critical that we get our forecasting right.”

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