An integral part of the Payroll system is the Employee Card File. Before any wages or salary can be paid to an employee, it is necessary to create an Employee Card.

To setup employee payroll information:

  1. Go to the Card File Command Centre
  2. Choose Card List
  3. Select the Employee tab
  4. Click New
  5. In the Profile tab enter the employee’s Last Name, First Name and Address
  6. In the Payroll Details tab select Personal Details
  7. Enter the employee’s Date of Birth, Gender, Start Date, Employment Basis and Employment Classification
  8. Select Wages
  9. Enter the employee’s Pay Basis, Annual Salary or Hourly Rate, Pay Frequency, Hours in Weekly Pay Period and Wages Expense Account
  10. Select with a tick the Relevant Wage Categories For This Employee
  11. Select Superannuation
  12. Enter the employee’s Superannuation Fund and Employee Membership #
  13. Select with a tick the appropriate Superannuation category for this employee
  14. Select Entitlements
  15. Select with a tick the appropriate Entitlement category for this employee
  16. In the Carry Over column enter the hours of accrued leave prior to this payroll year i.e. as at 30 June last year
  17. Select Deductions
  18. Select with a tick the appropriate Deduction category for this employee
  19. Select Employer Expenses
  20. Select with a tick the appropriate Employer Expense category for this employee
  21. Select Taxes
  22. Enter the employee’s Tax File Number, Tax Table, Total Rebates and Extra Tax
  23. Select Standard Pay – this shows a typical payroll transaction for the employee
  24. Select Pay History
  25. If your MYOB payroll system is setup during the payroll year (i.e. other than at 1 July), it will be necessary to enter details of previous pays for the current payroll year (i.e. pays from 1 July to the date of setting up the MYOB payroll system). These details are crucial for providing complete payroll reports and to produce PAYG Payment Summaries at year end. Enter previous pay Activity by entering all amounts as positive values. Alternatively enter the details month by month under the History tab
  26. Select Time Billing – if the employee’s time is charged by the hour enter the Employee Billing Rate and Cost Per Hour
  27. In the Payment Details tab enter the Payment Method by selecting from the drop-down list. If Electronic, enter the employee’s bank Account details
  28. Click OK

For further assistance: Contact Melanie Jenkins
Download this MYOB Help Sheet with accompanying images to assist you with each step below…


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