Five Apps That Could Make You More Profitable

Time is money.  This old adage is never so true as it is in small business.  Always short of resources and running lean, the small business owner needs to jealously guard time – ensuring it is invested to optimise returns and avoid burn out.

Investing some time learning and setting up the latest apps can pay huge dividends in terms of productivity and enable small business owners to focus their energies on growth and profit generating activities.

We take a look at five apps that could make your life easier…and potentially more profitable.


One of the best things about online (cloud based) accounting software is that it makes your accounts accessible from anywhere.  If you are running Xero, you can download the free Xero Touch app on your tablet or smart phone and suddenly your office is with you at all times.

Invoice on the run, connect to your bank or Paypal account from a work site or quickly attach photos of your receipts to your expenses: this could put an end to hours of admin work at the end of every day.

Contact us if you want to learn more about Xero, which is an online only accounting software that has been optimised for mobile working.  However, both MYOB and Quickbooks also offer online services with tablet apps.


If your business involves project management then Basecamp can give you a productivity boost. This platform centralises all documents, discussions and tasks related to your project in a single location.  You can assign tasks, ensure everyone involved is on the same page, easily share information and create calendar events.  Keep tabs on your project just about anywhere.

Basecamp will require some time to set up properly, but once you’re running the time saved chasing information and follow up, plus the confidence of knowing where your project is at any given time will reap rewards.


If you are currently spending hours wading through receipts at the end of every month or quarter, then Expensify might be a real time saver.  It’s simple: take a receipt, snap a photo and toss the paper – import your credit card statement – forward email receipts for automatic upload. Then print a report.

Using the app you can create expense reports, send customer invoices, even integrate with QuickBooks.  Life just became a lot easier!


If you travel then this tablet and smartphone app is a no brainer – at the very least it should avoid you ever missing a plane again.   Using the FREE app you simply email your travel itinerary or hotel booking to and the system automatically creates an online itinerary which you can sync with your calendar or share with your family or staff.

The Pro version lets you track your frequent flyer points or find a better seat and keeps you informed of delays, cancellations and gate changes.


Do you ever find yourself wasting time trying to get your hands on a document you left at the office, or retrieving a document you think you’ve lost?  Worse still, have you ever suffered the devastating loss of documents due to a computer crash?

Google Drive (or a similar cloud based storage system) will prevent either scenario from happening again.  Google Drive lets you store your files safely in the cloud, where you can access them from anywhere with Internet access.  You can sync files across computers so that your laptop is always up to date with your desktop.  And of course you can rest easy that your files are backed up the instant they are created.

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