GUEST BLOG: The Secret of Success

The first thing, I suppose that we should ask ourselves is ‘What is success?’

Back in the 80’s where Gordon Gekko reigned supreme and the person who died with the most toys won, this state of superficiality was the definition of success.  Big house, big car, big hair!  Perceptions of success were confused with actual success.

Thankfully though, I think this definition has evolved and I seriously hope that we are not pursuing the same physical and superficial goals.  I feel a genuine shift towards more realistic and grounded rewards.  And I think the definition of success has definitely morphed.

I found a beautiful description from Jodie McLeod, the editor of Flying Solo.

“Being able to spend the majority of my waking hours doing something I love …. and having enough money to indulge on occasion, to feel challenged and thrilled creatively, to maintain quality relationships, to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and having a balance between work and reward.”

This is wonderfully put, and I am proud to adopt this as my new success mantra.

Now that we have a definition, our goals get a little easier to achieve.  Being realistic in our expectations is far more rewarding.
Of course the highlight here is also the balance between work and reward or work life balance.  This is achievable through organisation, negotiation and delegation.   In the coming additions of ‘Money with Melanie’ we will focus on tactics so that you can strive to live your new definition of success.

By Marney Jefferies, Virtualoso

Marney is a member of AAPO (Australasian Association of Professional Organisers), and is an expert in organisation.  She has vast experience and knowledge at workflow and paper management, she has been a SME since 2000, and spent 8yrs in her Corporate Interiors Business before becoming a parent.  Her clients included Warner Bros Movieworld, Seaworld, Hickey Lawyers, Allamanda Hospital and large Legal & Accounting firms. 

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