Holiday Reading to Build Your Business

The holidays are approaching and hopefully everyone is preparing for a break with family.

Holidays are an important time for business owners.  They allow your brain to refresh and let go of all the day to day issues.  Some of our best strategic thoughts will come in the hammock or on the surfboard.  So it’s not a bad time to be reading some of the best business books – your eureka moment may arrive in the middle of chapter 3!

So here is a list of some of our favourite business books.  But remember, it’s important to be very relaxed at the time of reading!!


If you find yourself going into the summer on a bit of a low and wondering whether it’s all worth the effort, this book will help you figure out whether you’re facing a cul de sac or a temporary set back.




If you’re thinking that next year might be the year to start something new then we suggest this book.  It focuses on the idea of “validated learning” and the need to trial new things rapidly and move on.  This thinking will help you from getting mired heading down the wrong path!




If you are finding that your business life seems to be spiralling out of control then this is the book for you.  It explains the concept of working “in” the business instead of “on” the business and provides excellent guidelines for process development.




If you feel as though the market is just too crowded and it’s hard to be heard above the competition then read this book and start looking for your own blue oceans!




If business is going well and you’re at risk of resting on your laurels, then invest some time this summer determining how you are going to move from a good business to a truly great business.

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