Use of MYOB’s Inventory stock-control feature is optional. However, whilst you may not require MYOB to keep track of actual stock quantities, you may wish to create ‘items’ in your Items List. These items may be goods bought and sold, or perhaps services you provide.

To create new Items:

  1. Go to the Inventory Command Centre
  2. Choose Items List
  3. Click the New button
  4. Enter the Item Number and Name
  5. If the new item is very similar to an existing item use the Copy From button to select the required Item, otherwise
  6. Specify requirements (e.g. I Buy This Item, I Sell This Item, I Inventory This Item)
  7. Enter the respective  linked accounts for Tracking Costs and Tracking Sales
  8. Click the Item Details tab
  9. In the Description field you may wish to type a more detailed description of this Item, click Use Item Description on Sales to include this on your quotes, invoices, etc
  10. Click the Buying Details tab (only if you previously specified I Buy This Item)
  11. Enter Buying Unit of Measure
  12. Specify appropriate Tax Code
  13. Specify Primary Supplier name, Supplier’s Item Number and Default Recorder Quantity
  14. Otherwise, click the Selling Details tab
  15. Enter your Base Selling Price and decide whether the price is inclusive or exclusive of GST by indicating if pricing method is Tax Inclusive
  16. Specify Selling Unit of Measure
  17. Select the appropriate Tax Code
  18. Choose how sales tax is to be calculated by selecting the appropriate option from the Calculate Sales Tax on drop-down list
  19. Enter various Price Levels if required
  20. Click OK

For further assistance: Contact Melanie Jenkins
Download this MYOB Help Sheet with accompanying images to assist you with each step below…


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