Learning to Act Like a Business Owner

Krystie Boyes started Champ Cleaning in December 2011 with one customer and one other person working with her. Just over three years later she has brought in her partner, Justin Male, and the company employs 17 people and manages ten corporate sites. Business is booming!

Ironically it is often when business is good that business owners need the most help. Growth can be a tricky, even scary, business. So we were delighted to grant Krystie and Justin one of MJ Accountant’s 2015 Business Excellence Scholarships.

To date the pair has had three business coaching sessions with our accountant Steve Oakley. This week I checked in to find out what they have learned so far.

Mel: What has been your biggest learning in the coaching process thus far?

Krystie: Well I’ve been told this before, but Steve has helped me to realise I need to “get off the mop”. It’s hard for me. I’ve always been a worker, an employee. But I’m not just a worker anymore. I’m a business owner and I have to start acting like one.

Mel: What has prevented you from acting like a business owner in the past?

Krystie: I think it’s been fear of being capable of operating a business. I can work it, that I know. But running it, that’s scary! Plus I’ve got serious control issues. It’s hard for me to let go of the mop.

Mel: So what are you doing to start acting like a business owner?

Krystie: Well for one thing Steve has persuaded me to enroll in an LMA course. I’ve considered it before and thought it was too expensive. But now I realise that it’s not an expense – it’s an investment. I’m investing in myself so that I can develop the business.

Mel: That’s fantastic! What about business planning?

Krystie: When we first went to Steve, he asked us where we were going… and we realised that we had no idea. That’s when we finally understood why we needed a business plan. So that’s been our primary focus. After three sessions we are already much clearer about our direction.

Mel: Can you give us some idea of your direction?

Jason: We’ve started to explore opportunities for growth. We think we can expand our services to create a “one stop shop” for our existing clients. So we’re investigating outdoor maintenance, test and tag, upholstery cleaning…. services that our customers currently have to source from another supplier.

Krystie: It’s quite achievable. We already have staff capable of doing all these extra services so we wouldn’t even need extra training. And it would be great for our customers.

Mel: How has coaching helped you to define your direction?

Krystie: Steve understands what questions to ask and he deciphers what it is we are trying to say. He supports our ideas and gives us new avenues to look at. It’s about confidence really. His support gives us confidence that we are heading in the right direction.

Mel: Has the coaching been what you expected?

Jason: We had no idea what to expect. And then it clicked: they are here to help us grow!


Jason is right! MJ Accountants is here to help all of our clients grow and thrive.

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