There are three ways to bring your networking into laser-sharp focus in order to make it a powerful way to build your business.

  1. When talking about what you do at networking groups, focus on one aspect of your business at each meeting. Remember that your goal in the networking process should be to ‘train a sales force’, not close a sale. Therefore, each time you have an opportunity, focus on a specific product or service you offer and then train people how to refer you in this area.
    Too often we try to cover everything we do in one introduction. When you have the chance to be in front of the sae group of people regularly, don’t make the mistake most people make by painting with too broad a brush. Laser-sharp networking calls for you to be very specific and detailed about one thing at a time.
    Try to always bring out what you specialise in or what you are most known for. There is something that sets you apart from the competition. :et others know about that aspect of your business rather than simply falling back on saying that you are a ‘full-service’ company.
  2. When asking for referrals from your networking partners, be very specific about what you want. Identify specific people to whom you wish to be introduced. Give vivid examples of the type of referral you wish to receive. Be as detailed as you can be.
  3. Meet with each person in your networking circle one-on-one, away from the general networking session, to deepen the relationship and dial up the focus of your networking efforts.
    Deepen the relationship with your networking partners. In order to really maximise the energy of the partnership you are forging with your referral sources, it is critical to spend time with them. It is important to take your time to get to know your referral sources and cultivate a long-lasting and mutually profitable relationship.

Source: My Business Magazine March 2007

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