New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

As the summer holidays start to wind down, we are all setting our minds to the year ahead.  In 2013 we will be better organized, spend more time with the family, lose weight…  We don’t feel qualified to advise on the weight loss bit, but we do have a few ideas for some good business resolutions you might want to consider

I will join a business organisation or networking group

No matter what industry you operate in, it is imperative that you keep learning, generating ideas and finding new clients, staff and suppliers.  Networking groups are a great way to find fresh ideas and meet the people who can drive your business.

I will give something back to my community

You may be asking, “How is this going to help to grow my business?”  First of all in a town the size of Coffs Harbour your efforts will be noticed by potential customers, which is great for building goodwill.  But even more important your staff will notice and feel good about working for you.

I will invest in one new customer touch point

The way people communicate is changing.  Make a point this year of taking on one new way of talking to your customers.  Set up a Facebook page, experiment with mobile coupons, write a blog.

I will refresh my website

Your website is the most valuable marketing tool that you own.  If the last time you updated your website was 6 months ago then you are letting that tool get blunt and rusty.  Make it your mission this year to have something new on your website at least every month.

I will really get to know my clients

Want to be confident that you are developing the right products, publishing the right marketing materials, offering competitive service?  The secret is to talk to your clients – really talk to them.  If you are in the service industry then have regular work in progress meetings or take you customers to lunch.  If you are a retailer then get out from behind the counter and have a chat.

I will take a holiday

You owe it to yourself, your family and most of all your business to take a good holiday this year.  Too much time spent fighting fires and dealing with the daily grind and you will lose sight of the big opportunities and bright ideas.

I will delegate more

We know, we know – it’s just easier to do it yourself.  But be clear that every time you are “just doing it yourself” you are limiting your ability to grow your business.  This year take the time to teach and delegate

I will have no more than 20 emails in my inbox

This year, don’t let your email run your life!  Establish a system for managing emails that ensures your inbox is under control and you are not spending your entire day jumping to handle the next email. One system you might like to try is SaneBox – click here for a 14 day free trial.

I will raise my prices

Managing your prices is a critical part of managing your business, yet so many of us allow fear to get in the way of making the right decisions.  Check out our blog How to Change Your Prices without Losing Your Customers, and promise yourself that you will take the plunge.

I will take time to consider my compliance obligations

Are you up to date on changes to legislation?  Are your trademarks all appropriately registered?  Is your company structure best suited to the business you have grown into?  Do you have privacy policy? Make this the year that you get your business’s compliance obligations in order – and if you can’t make the time then give us a call: MJ Accountants is here to help.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles and Free Digital Images.

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