Performance Reviews that Produce Results

Small business owners are often cynical of performance reviews due to poor previous experiences.

Performance feedback is one of the most important tasks a manager should be doing.

Feedback is directly linked to performance improvement and motivation. Timely, tactful and specific feedback on performance is central to the role of manager.

An easy to implement, constructive and democratic approach to performance reviews is The 5 Conversations Framework, based on five conversations each lasting 15minutes one month apart.

Climate review Job satisfaction, morale & communication  How would you rate your current job satisfaction?How would you rate morale?

How would you rate communication?

Strengths & talents More effectively developing strengths & interests  What are your strengths & talents?How can these strengths & talents be used in your current & future roles in the organization?
Opportunities for growth Improving performance standards  What are some opportunities for improved performance?How can I assist you to do this?
Learning & development Support & growth What are some skills you would like to learn?What learning opportunities would you like to undertake?
Innovation & continuous improvement Ways & means to improve the efficiencies & effectiveness of the business What’s one way that you could improve your own working efficiencies?What’s one way we can improve our team’s operations?

Climate Review

A Climate review is about determining the current atmosphere in the workplace. It’s concerned with job satisfaction, morale and communication. Information from these conversations can be essential in planning for the business.

Strengths & Talents

Rather than fixating on what is wrong and on weaknesses, discuss strengths and talents. This is a far more positive place to start discussion and has a higher pay off. However, it doesn’t mean that deficiencies shouldn’t be discussed.

Opportunities for Growth

This conversation focuses on strategies for improved performance from the employee’s individual perspective. From here some tangible ways and means of improving individual productivity can be discussed. It is important to reflect on the individual’s role in the business and how to improve their contribution.

Learning & Development

Discuss the learning needs of the employee now and in the future. It may include formal opportunities such as courses, or informal opportunities such as skills development within the business, coaching or mentoring. These discussions are important to establish technical growth and career development.

Innovation & Continuous Improvement

These conversations are about practical ways and means of improving both the employee’s own efficiency and effectiveness, and the business in general. It focuses on ideas for developing new and improved working arrangements.

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