To process payroll:

  1. Go to the Payroll Command Centre
  2. Choose Process Payroll
  3. Select whether you want to Process All Employees Paid by a particular frequency  (by selecting the frequency from the drop-down list) or Process Individual Employee (by selecting the individual employee’s name from the drop-down list)
  4. Enter the Payment Date, Pay Period Start and Pay Period End
  5. Click Next
  6. Select with a tick the Employee to pay. You can review and edit employee transactions by clicking the zoom arrow next to the employee name
  7. Click Record
  8. Click Continue to verify the recording of the paycheques
  9. Click OK to continue
  10. To complete the processing of the payments, select Print Paycheques and then either Process Electronic Payments or Spend Money
  11. To Prepare Electronic Payments select with a tick those employees whose pay is to be transmitted
  12. Click the Bank File button to prepare an electronic file
  13. Click OK to record the transaction
  14. The bank file should be named in accordance with bank protocol and saved where you will remember it
  15. Click Save and then use your on-line banking system to transfer the file to your bank for payment
  16. You will then return to the Process Payroll window
  17. Click Next
  18. Click Display Payroll Advice if you want to print the report showing the payroll transactions
  19. Click Print Customised Payslips if you want to print a copy of your customised payslip
  20. After printing click Finish

For further assistance: Contact Melanie Jenkins
Download this MYOB Help Sheet with accompanying images to assist you with each step below…


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