Top Five Apps to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

A study by has discovered that 4.5 million Aussies failed to reach their 2014 goals. If you are amongst this group and hoping to do better in 2015, then your smartphone can offer some help. We review five apps that work in different ways to help you stay focused on your business and personal goals.



Do you find yourself frequently tapping and clicking to move from one app to another to complete a single task? Then Workflow could save you those seconds and minutes that quickly add up to hours.

The app allows you to connect apps and actions to automate things you do on your device. You can set up your own workflows or choose from a range of workflows already developed and shared by others.

Price: $2.99



This app is intended for professionals to track their billable hours, but it’s also a great way to see how much time you are actually spending working on your goals.

Simply create project names you want to follow, then tap the start timer when you start working on that project. When you move to another task, tap the name of the new project. You can create a “free time” project to keep track of that as well.

Price: $4.99


Lift /

If you are notorious for setting goals and then promptly forgetting about them, then this is a great app to keep you on track. The app is overflowing with personal goals to improve fitness, lose weight and change your habits. Once you select a goal it provides guidance and enables you to track your progress. Many goals include a personal coach who will help you to stay focused and provide feedback and encouragement.

Price: Free with in-app costs for personal coaching



If one of your goals is to get your personal finances back into shape in 2015 then take a look at Pocketbook. This clever little app lets you set up budgets and enter spending. Entries are automatically organised into categories like clothes, groceries and fuel. You can quickly see where your money is being spent and how this compares to your budget.

 Price: Free



My QuitBuddy is a personalized app to help you quit smoking. The app provides a countdown to your quit date and tracks stats such as days smoke free, cigarettes avoided and dollars saved. How amazing would it be to end this year smoke free?!

 Price: Free

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