What Type of Diary Peep Are You? Type A or Type B?

As a professional organiser, people often ask me “what is the best diary system to use?”

Although I have my personal preference that is determined by what sort of thinker you are.  There are basically two types of people.

Type A – Visual Thinkers

These people are tactile, visual learners and thinkers.  They need to see things to know how to do something and they file that into their memory.  These types of thinkers, are the kind that can remember there is a phone number starting with 02 985 that is written in the top left page of a diary in red ink.  Type A’s absorb information through writing.

These are Paper Diary people.  Digital diary use would slow them down and they would find it harder to locate information.

Type B – Are Linear Thinkers

These types of people think chronologically.  They find logic in small screens and can picture what is on the next screen.  Type B’s are numerically driven, given a date they can picture what occurs on the dates either side.

Linear thinkers are Digital Diary peeps.  Given a paper diary they would be slowed down and given today’s technology thrive on apps and phone calendars.

Neither is ‘right’ it is about what works for you and what makes you the most effective and efficient.  Combinations can be difficult to manage, so I recommend choosing a ‘camp’ and sticking to it!

What type are you?

By Marney Jefferies, Virtualoso 

Marney is a member of AAPO (Australasian Association of Professional Organisers), and is an expert in organisation.  She has vast experience and knowledge at workflow and paper management,she has been a SME since 2000, and spent 8yrs in her Corporate Interiors Business before becoming a parent.  Her clients included Warner Bros Movieworld, Seaworld, Private Hospitals and large Legal & Accounting firms.

Image compliments of Stuart Miles and digitalfreeimages.net.

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