Why Taking a Break is Good for Your Business

Consider this important advice from your accountant:  take a break!

Too often our clients tell us they “don’t have time” for a holiday, or they “can’t afford to be away”.  Frankly the evidence is that you can’t afford not to take a break.  Burnout and fatigue will ultimately damage your business, your relationships and your health.

If you need a bit more persuading then here are xx ways that taking a holiday is good for your business:

Find inspiration

The big ideas are never going to come while you are mired in the day-to-day.  That eureka moment is waiting until you hit the hammock or reach the summit of some distant mountain.

Increase Productivity

A 2011 Intuit Study showed that 82% of small business owners who too a vacation experienced an increase in job performance on their return to work.  And that renew energy is contagious.  Your holiday can actually improve the productivity of your entire staff.

Learn to Delegate

Too often the sense that you can’t afford to take a break is really just a fear of letting go.  A break forces you to delegate.  There may be hiccups at first, but over time learning to delegate will allow your business to grow.


Your family is important to you, but all too often they take a back seat to business priorities.  Holiday time is for reconnecting and reinforcing your family bonds.  Those bonds are the strength that keeps you going when business gets tough so you can’t afford to stretch them too far.

Fight Stress

Chronic stress if a business owner’s worst enemy.  Slowly over time it will leech away your energy and undermine your performance.  A holiday could be the stress breaker you need to stay on top of your game.


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